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Hello, My name is Brandi. I just wanted to intruduce myself here really. I'm from Silver Lake, a small town in upper NY with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I've been interested in the paranormal and whatnot for almost 10 years now and have taken a very large intereset in ghost hunting over time. Myself and a few good friends of mine are always up for any visits and haunts, so if anyone around the western NY area wants to get together sometimes and do some hunting, we'd be glad to join! I personaly have had a few incounters with some haunting activity in my own house, including slaming doors, voices, and other little things. If anyone has any stories they wanna share, feel free to aim me about it, I'm always up for some ghost convos (my AIM screen name is Brokenguardian87 btw). Anywho, I wont keep ya all bored with my rantings ^.^' Nice to meeting ya!
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